Wednesday, January 20, 2010

putting my money where my mouth is

Perhaps if I spend some money on my pursuit of writing and eventual publishing, I will actually do some work. To test this theory, I've decided to join a writing group (there's an annual membership fee to join the organization). The group also holds a writing conference, which I'll be attending. Membership and the conference total about $400 worth of motivation... maybe...?

Dear Self, please get to work on writing something, anything, that you can show at an agents and editors critique session...

There are two writing groups within an hour of where I live. If I start participating in both groups, that means I'd be meeting two Saturday afternoons per month. I really want to do this and hope I can find the determination to follow through!

fast forward several months

Good grief... I can't even complete routine BLOG entries... is it any wonder that I have made no progress on any other creative writing projects!? I would really like it if this were the year that I finally pull it all together. Aside from having a loving family and healthy children, my top two lifelong ambitions--the goals I want for myself above all other personal goals--are to a) be a writer and b) be thin. It is sad and ironic that I am neither.

I mean, YET!