Monday, September 14, 2009

best baby book ever

Hi there! I thought I'd write a little entry about a product both of my kids were wild about. It was a cute little board book that had a built-in rattle/teether that could be linked to a stroller, etc (so the toys don't fall on the floor). Anyway, this awesome little board book was one of my older daughter's favorites, and her little sister was really digging it also. But, since the book was purchased in 2004, it was pretty beaten up and getting yucky. I was planning to get a new one, but before I could shop for one, my younger daughter spit up all over it. In the garbage it went. I went to a couple of book stores to try to find a replacement. No luck. I then figured I'd order it online. WELL, here (finally!) is the point of this blog entry: the item has been discontinued! There is nothing quite like it on the market today. Darn it anyway. There are tons of books by the same author/company ("Priddy Books" really is an empire these days) but none quite as perfect as those little rattler/teether ones they no longer make.

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